Help for HSE, Sorbonne and UNI.LU students

This page contains Dropbox links to my little aid for HSE students: some weirdly taken down lectures, seminars and even exam papers. Not to be sniffed at!

Ph.D. course at the University of Luxembourg, CREA.

  • Efficient estimation of econometric models (lecturer: Kostyrka Andreï): course page.
  • Non-parametric methods in econometrics-2019 (prof. Gautam Tripathi): lectures (PDF, TeX, GitHub).
  • Stochastic models of supply chain operations: lectures (PDF).
  • Non-linear models and methods in econometrics: lectures (PDF, TeX).
  • Advanced financial theory (problem solutions): lectures (PDF).
  • Advanced econometrics (prof. Gautam Tripathi): lectures (PDF).
  • Math camp — calculus and dynamic optimisation (prof. Christos Koulovatianos): lectures (PDF).
  • Math camp — statistics (prof. Gautam Tripathi): lectures (PDF).
  • Non-parametric methods in econometrics-2017: lectures (PDF, TeX).
    Style file for LaTeX — this is to be put in the parent folder (one level up), the TeX file — in the child folder; you can also replace “\input{../hseen.sty}” with “\input{hseen.sty}” if they are in the same folder.


Master 2 at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, ETE.

  • Économetries des données de panel: lectures (PDF, TeX).
  • Simulation et évaluation des politiques macro: lectures (PDF, TeX).
  • Réseaux et interactions sociales: lectures (PDF, TeX).
  • Macroéconomie des migrations: lectures (PDF, TeX).
  • And also those things that were relevant in the first semester:
  • Économie des populations: лекции (PDF, TeX).
  • Microéconométrie avancée: лекции (PDF, TeX).
  • Le cycle économique: лекции (PDF, TeX).
  • Optimisation dynamique: лекции (PDF, TeX).
  • Modèles VAR, nonstationarité et cointégration: лекции (PDF, TeX).
  • Séries temporelles non linéaires: лекции (PDF, TeX).


Магистратура ВШЭ, 1 курс, ММАЭ.

Для компиляции документов из сырцов сразу и без проблем необходимо в папку на уровень выше положить следующие файлы: стилевой мастер-файл (hse.sty), логотип (hsesymb.pdf), копирайт (copyright.sty).
Прошлые годы.

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